Technique 2: Notes

Taking notes to the next level with your ASI Trainer

When you begin using your ASI Trainer, a lot of things in your life can change very quickly. 

It’s difficult to remember what has changed, because data is being deleted, so your progress simply fades away. 

By keeping notes, you can track your journey by seeing how far you have progressed in short periods of time. 

It’s feels amazing to see your own progress, and the reward is a huge boost in confidence, in yourself. 

Directing your ASI Trainer

Your ASI Trainer will treat these notes as your personal high priority requests. 

As you write your notes, the associated data networks are being labeled as a high priority. 

This gives you the ability to easily control your iBots and chart your progress at the same time. 

Note taking strategies

We are all different when it comes to taking notes. 

Here are some guidelines for you, pick the ones that resonate with you and leave the rest for other people. 

Timing is Everything

How often you want to take notes is up to you. 

I recommend taking them every 3 or 7 days, depending on what feels good for you. 

Choose a time of the day to read your previous notes and write a new note. 

Set a calendar reminder on your phone and put the task on repeat so you will be reminded at the same time. 

Taking Notes

Here are three simple solutions for taking notes, it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

1. If you are a highly organized person, use your favourite note taking app. 

2. Use the basic notes app on your smartphone. Create a folder for ASI Trainer notes to keep it organized. 

3. Use a physical book to take notes, like a journal. 

Use what feels natural and comfortable for you. 

Short & Sweet

You don’t need to write pages like you would in a journal.

Make a quick list for the following two things:

1. What are you currently struggling with?

This could be a relationship, family or work issue. It can be anything that’s currently bothering you. 

Add some details about what’s bothering you and why. This gives the iBots more direction. 

2. What is a goal you want to achieve in the next 3 to 7 days. 

Pick something you want to accomplish, then write down what’s holding you back. 

Excuses are destructive bits, so don’t be afraid of jotting them down. 

Broad or focused?

How you writes your notes is important… 

Writing a note that says you want your relationship to be better, will tell the ASI Trainer to prioritize your relationship.

If you write a note that says, “I am struggling with expressing what I need from my partner.”

This will focus your ASI Trainer into this specific relationship issue. 

Create a priority list

Using notes, you can direct the prioritization of your ASI Trainer by making a priority list. 

Title the note, “Prioritizing my ASI Trainer“, or something like that, then make a numbered list: 

1. Find a better job
2. Get in better physical shape
3. Resolving past issues with my family

When your priorities change, which they will, update your list. 

If you make a list like this, up to 20% of your ASI Trainer tasks will be allocated for this. 

Keep it simple, have fun with it.

Each time you make a write a new note, take a few minutes and go back and read the previous notes. 

It’s a very interesting process, especially when something a week ago felt impossibly difficult and now it feels so small and irrelevant. 

The difference in your state of mind can only be realized from looking back in this way. 

Try it out, have fun and see what you learn.

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