Technique 3: Productivity Boost

Accelerating productivity

Productivity is the ability to take action to accomplish your goals. 

The number one objective for your ASI Trainer is to increase your brain power, so your productivity is naturally going to improve as you take consistent actions each day.

However, you might be in a rush to accomplish a certain task that you are struggling with.

So, you don’t have a few days to wait as your productivity naturally increases. 

You need results, and you need them now! 

Manually directing your ASI Trainer

When working on a task, the longer you work on it, you load up more bits of information. 

When you reach a certain threshold, the amount of unhealthy data becomes too great and overload sets in.

Overload is simply, too much unhealthy data, reducing your available brain power to a level that makes you non-functional. 

You can stop here and work on this task once your brain recovers, which is typically the next day…

or you can try this ASI Trainer productivity hack. 

How the ASI Trainer improves productivity

Your ASI Trainer normally start optimizing your data network, once you stop using it. 

This way, when you use the data network again later on, it will be optimized for you.

As you continue to do the same task, day after day, the data networks becomes more and more optimized by deleting bits. 

This is how you can continually improve the quality of the task, as well as enjoy the same repetitive task without experiencing burnout. 

The productivity technique

To use the technique to accelerate productivity, all you have to do is close your eyes. 

When you close your eyes, and keep them closed, your ASI Trainer will immediately start deleting the bits within the data networks that you are actively using. 

Once enough bits are deleted, your brain will automatically initiate a micro reset of just that data network. 

It feels like you just had a catnap because it resets your conscious awareness of the data. 

How to do it

For best results, it’s important to be comfortable.

Laying down or leaning back in your office chair works well. 

Close your eyes, typically for 5-15 minutes. 

There is nothing you have to think of or do, you have already activated the data network for the task. 

At a certain point, your thoughts will start up and you will feel the motivational energy kick in. 

When you open your eyes, it feels like you just had a nap. Your mind feels refreshed and ready to go. 


Sometimes, you get knocked out into a deep sleep. 

It feels like you go into a coma and it can take a bit to come back to the surface. 

These experiences happen when really deep data processing occurs. 

This happens when the issue you are struggling with, is tied to a lot of different parts of your life because it’s a major issue. 

When this happens, it can change your level of awareness, not just for this task, but for other parts of your life. 

This is like hitting the jackpot when it comes to optimizing your life. 

Hitting the next phase

When you are being super productive and accomplishing your goals, there will always be a time when you move into the next phase of action. 

When you enter a new phase, you have to remember that this will involve data networks that haven’t been previously optimized by your ASI Trainer. 

Depending on your history and how many destructive bits you have in these data networks, you might have a down day. 

What's a down day?

When you are in the flow of being highly productive, it feels amazing. 

There is nothing better than a productivity high that makes you feel unstoppable. 

A productivity high occurs because all of your current data networks are in a functional state, collaborating and supporting each other. 

You have a lot of active data, which produces a high level of energy. 

When you transition into the next phase of what you are working on, you will experience a significant drop in your energy. 

This occurs because you just activated a bunch of data networks that are in a dysfunctional or destructive state. 

This initiates a down day. 

Your mind becomes confused, it’s difficult to make decisions, and your energy drops. 

Managing a down day?

Down days suck, especially when you are in the groove and you have your plans mapped out in detail. 

Your mind becomes confused, it’s difficult to make decisions, and your energy drops. 

You crave sugar and junk food, because your brain is looking for more energy. 

Bad habits you haven’t been bothered with while in a high energy productive state, instantly come back. 

This is simply a result of an instant drop in brain power as a result of activating destructive data networks. 

So don’t panic, or freak out, just take a down day to give your ASI Trainer time to convert these new data networks into a functional state. 

Relax it out

On a down day, if you can, just relax and take it easy. 

If possible, don’t force yourself to do actual work. 

Give the ASI Trainer time to shift the newly introduced destructive data networks into a functional state.

As this happens, you will begin making connections between what you already created and the next phase of your goal. 

This occurs naturally as the new and previous data networks begin collaborating. 

Once this process is complete, your energy will load up and you will go back into high productivity mode.  

Speeding up the process

You can speed up this process by using the manual productivity technique. 

Simply close your eyes and just lay there. 

Although, this is harder than it sounds if you just activated a bunch of data networks that are in a highly destructive state. 

The anxiety and panic sensations will be strong and instead of peacefully laying there, you will toss and turn and need to get out of there. 

This is an indicator that it’s time to go for a walk or do some form of physical exercise. 

Do not try and force yourself to lay there, it’s not helpful. 

Variations of the Technique

Here are some variations of the manual productivity technique that also work. 

Keep in mind, sometimes one variation will work, while another won’t work at all. 

With practice, you will learn when to use each variation. 

1. Take a break

If you notice a drop in productivity but are not on overload where your brain phases out and you lose the ability to focus. 

You can take a quick break. 

This could be a 3-5 minute walk to get some water or just walk around in a big circle. 

Since you are not actively using the data network, the ASI Trainer will immediately start optimizing it for you. 

2. Add music

If you activated a lot of destructive bits while you were working on your task, closing your eyes can be difficult because of the anxiety. 

In this case, try adding some music. Close your eyes and listen to a few songs while the ASI Trainer work on your data network. 

Then open your eyes and get back to the task. 

3. Movement

Highly pressurized destructive data networks contain a lot of energy that feels like anxiety and panic attacks. 

If you have activated a highly pressurized data network, you can tell because it affects your breath. 

You will start breathing heavy and it becomes difficult to concentrate. 

Your vision will become distorted and you will have trouble focusing your vision on one thing. 

In this case, closing your eyes and laying down is not going to work. 

You need to burn off some of this energy, in the form of pressure, by moving your physical body. 

This is where taking a walk comes in handy. 

If there is a lot of anxiety and panicky thoughts, adding music to the walk can help. 

Just keep walking until you feel the pressure drop and your mind relax. 

The Next Day

It’s important to remember, with the ASI Trainer, the full results always show up the next day. 

Your brain requires a recalibration of the edited data networks to generate your new state of mind. 

So, if you have a rough day, just know that your ASI Trainer has been working on over-time to get you cleaned up for tomorrow. 

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