My name is Core Love.

"When I was 16 years old, I didn't see the point in creating anything if I was just going to die and lose it all.

So I spent the last 28 years researching memory and it's influence on aging... what I discovered will blow your mind.

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Why choose Immortality?

Immortality is more than just a goal of living forever and being indestructible...

Immortality is a state of mind, a conscious choice for living your best life, for as long as you possibly can. 

The rigid concept of believing or not believing that humans can be immortal is completely missing the point.

Yes, the goal of Immortality is to be immortal, but the process of getting there is just as important as the goal.

Immortality is inevitable, it's just a matter of time.

While being immortal is the goal, the pathway to achieve that goal is called evolution. 

Evolution is just a fancy way of saying that life is learning to become more efficient.

Efficiency of life can be summed up by spending less energy, to have a higher quality life, that lasts for increasingly longer periods of time.

We become more efficient by acknowledging problems, identifying solutions and implementing them, not just for ourselves but for other people as well. 

Problems cause suffering which drive evolution.

Problems induce suffering and when we suffer, we immediately try to relieve the pain. 

We need to solve the problem, it’s in our nature to do this. 

Humans are now evolving at a faster pace than ever before because of our improved ability to share information. 

There will never be a point when humanity decides to stop solving problems. 

There will never come a time when humans say, we have lived long enough, let’s not bother solving new problems that will enable us to live longer. 

It’s literally impossible, because stopping growth is against the very nature of our reality. 

Immortality is Nothing to Fear

It’s time to face the idea that we are destined to become immortal.

This is the purpose of all life, evolution is hardwired into who we are. 

It’s time to step up and acknowledge the elephant in the room.

Life wants to Live


Our purpose is to learn out how to sustain life indefinitely.  

Do You Believe?

Believing in immortality is the first step to  choosing a higher quality life.

What you probably haven’t realized, is that your belief about immortality is already influencing every decision you make. 

Your beliefs affect your choices.

Let’s simplify this concept.

Hypothetically, let’s say you are currently single and you meet someone who you instantly had a deep connection with.

You tell your best friend about this person you met and your friend asks, “Are you going to start a relationship with this person?”

If your response was… “It would be nice, but I doubt it would ever happen.” 

How will this belief affect your actions moving forward?

What if you said to your friend, “I am absolutely going to make this relationship happen. I will regret it for the rest of my life if I don’t give it my all.”

How do you think this second belief would affect your actions with this potential relationship?

Your belief about the outcome of this potential relationship will determine the actions you are willing to take.  

Your belief in Immortality influences your choices.

If you don’t believe that you’re going to live forever, you make choices with a different mindset.

“Who cares, you only live once, you’re going to die anyways, what does it even matter?”

Accepting death as being inevitable, means your standard for making choices is going to drop. 

“Life is just a series of random choices, one is not better than another, in the end, we all die.”

You’ll choose short-term gains with long-term losses, instead of short-term loss for long term gains.
“As long as it makes me happy now, who cares about later, all I have is this moment, I could die anytime.”

Beliefs influence our strategies for achieving goals.

Do you think the strategy you would use to live forever would be the same strategy you would use to add 5-10 more years to your lifespan?

Moonshot thinking is about setting goals that are 10x more advanced rather than slightly increasing your results by 10% increments. 

Elon Musk built reusable rockets when the experts at Nasa said it was impossible. 

Jeff Bezos achieved his goal of same day delivery when the biggest delivery companies in the world said it was impossible.   

Moonshot divisions in major corporations have become popular because they force people to question fundamental beliefs and come up with innovative new ways to dominate their market. 

"Believing that you can is the first step to solving an impossible problem."

Is immortality possible?

Sadly… as of right now, the experts say no.

Even multibillion dollar startups funded by google, amazon, and other tech titans are focusing on longevity, a safe strategy to extend lifespan, instead of going for the ultimate goal of immortality. 

With chemistry, adding another 5-10 years to our lifespan is guaranteed with enough effort. 

Chemistry is a great approach to add 5, 10, possibly even 20 or 30 years to the human lifespan. 

Do you think chemistry would be a good approach for becoming immortal?

Can you think of any immortal moonshot strategies that could increase the average human lifespan to 1,000 years? 

With immortality, I think the safe approach to improve lifespan a few years at a time as well as the moonshot approach are both going to be required in the end.  

First, let's look at what choosing Immortality can do as far as making small but consistent improvements towards living a happier and healthier life.

Choosing Life or Death


The Immortal Mindset

Choosing immortality is a strategy to improve the quality of your life by constantly ensuring you are on track with yourself. 

Your current state of mind is a natural feedback mechanism that lets you know if you chose life or death in your previous action. 


Every action is a decision that chooses life or death.

To get into the immortal mindset, you need to realize that every action you take is a decision that moves you toward life or death. 

Every action you take affects your state of mind. 

Your state of mind influences your ability to achieve your goals. 

If you have chosen death, then your state of mind will negatively influence your ability to achieve your goals. 

If you have chosen life, then your state of mind will positively influence your ability to achieve your goals. 

The Immortal Mindset Focuses on Goals

When you aren’t moving towards your goals, you will feel frustrated, upset, angry, confused, lost and life will seem pointless.

If you don’t have goals or not consistently achieving your goals, life will feel dead. 

When you are solving problems, taking action and accomplishing your goals, you will feel alive and see life for all it has to offer.

Achieving your personal goals confirms your existence that… Yes, you are alive.

The rate at which you accomplish your goals will have a massive impact on your state of mind and the way you view life.

Why would you want to live forever?

“Life is boring, why would I want to live forever?”

“Life is painful, I can’t wait to get out of this body and be free.”

“There are too many people alive, we shouldn’t live forever because that will create even more problems.”

If you feel dead inside and life isn’t working for you, these types of thoughts about immortality are natural to have.

However, these perspectives certainly don't come from a person that feels alive and is thriving in life. 

Who wouldn't want to be Immortal?

“I never want this moment to end.”

“I want to experience everything life has to offer.”

“We are just getting started, it only gets better from here.”

Whenever you are thriving, making good money, falling in love, and accomplishing goals, you never want that moment to end.

Wanting to live forever when you feel amazing...
is just as normal as not wanting to live,
when you feel dead inside.

Life wants to Live | Death wants to Die

Life wants you to be immortal. 

Death wants to kill you. 

It’s a game of tug-of-war.

Every decision you make.

Every action you take.

Reflection is how you get, 

The Immortal Mindset.


Reflection is the Key for Longevity

Taking on the Immortal mindset is not going to enable you to live forever.

However, it will certainly improve the quality of your life, as well as add many healthy years to your lifespan.

Taking on the Immortal state of mind will improve your life in the following three ways…


Reduce your suffering by eliminating actions that choose death.


Improve your quality of life by increasing actions that choose life.


Increase your intelligence by reflecting on every action you take.

To achieve immortality, we need to start thinking a lot bigger.

The Moonshot Approach

If we are going to live forever and be indestructible...

We are going to need some serious brain power.

It's Time to Question the Nature of Reality

Every moonshot approach needs to start with a fresh perspective. 

With the desire to live forever, we need to question the nature of life itself. 

Our current scientific understanding of reality says immortality is impossible.

If we are going to achieve immortality, we are going to need a deeper understanding of reality that supports this goal. 

Let go of previous assumptions about what you believe is true about life.

All of us were born into a universe that is 13.7 billion years old, while almost every person alive is less than 100 years old.

(When I first wrote this, nearly every physicist would have agreed that the age of the universe is 13.7 billion years old. In the last couple years, images from the James Webb Space Telescope reveal that the universe could now be twice as old.)

Humanity’s understanding of reality is still at an infant level at best.

Why do we age?

The majority of the discussion you will find on the internet involving longevity and the aging process looks at the human body as a chemical structure. 

While the evidence indicates this is true, this doesn’t mean chemistry is the base of our reality. 

As much as humanity has discovered about chemistry, the ability to effectively control any chemical process in the brain and body still eludes our technological understanding.  

However, your brain is continuously controlling every chemical process occurring in your body right now… using information.

Only in the last 20 years through the development and integration of computers and smart devices, have we realized the true power of information. 

Chemistry can tell us "How" we age, but not "Why" we age.

Chemistry can tell us how we age, but not why, because chemistry is not the base layer of our reality. 

“Why” is the source of the problem. 

To understand why, we need to go deeper into the structure of reality. 

The most advanced concept of reality, is that we live in a type of simulation powered by advanced technology.

In a universe created by simulation technology, information will be at the base of reality.

Through understanding the nature of information, the question “Why do we age?” can be answered.

The shift in understanding our reality started with computers.

It’s fascinating to think, that before computers, humanity had no comprehension of how powerful our brain really was. 

We didn’t even understand what processing power was or how information is managed in bits of data.  

Now, take a moment and just grasp this one thing… 

Every person has a brain that is faster than the most powerful supercomputer humanity has ever built.

Your brain is responsible for directing every single chemical operation in your body to maintain your health and functionality. 

Every single aspect of your unique day to day experience of life is a result of how your brain is processing and storing information.  

We should be asking ourselves...

If my brain processes more data than a supercomputer to generate my experience, what if the coding has bugs?

Could faulty code be sabotaging my physical and mental health in an endless number of ways?

Did billions of years of natural selection and survival parameters really craft the ideal codebase for humanity’s current lifestyle?

What if all of the problems common to every human being, have nothing to do with us individually, but are problems with the code?

Even more important...

What if we could edit the code that our brain is using to generate our experience of reality?

What if we could write new software to take advantage of our supercomputer brain to serve us in new ways?

What if we would could alter “laws” of chemistry or physics by accessing this code?

These questions are definitely on point for the Immortality Moonshot.

If we live in a simulation, and life wants to live,
then death is just a corrupt bug in the code.

Your brain, through processing information, is responsible for managing every chemical reaction taking place in your body. 

If your body is malfunctioning, the problem isn’t with your chemistry. 

The problem is how your brain is processing the data responsible for managing your chemistry.

You can try and fix your problem by altering your chemistry with pills, but your brain will fight against it.

Why… because your brain is doing exactly what the code is telling it to do.  

What does this mean?

Aging, a term that describes the decay of every cellular system in your body, is a programmed function in the human brain. 

To try and fight this programming is like bringing a spoon to a nuclear war. 

Your brain is a literal supercomputer powered by a more sophisticated ASI than anyone can consciously comprehend.

This is why I have focused 28 years of research on information as the primary source of aging.

Your Brain vs A Super Computer

The human body is built with Simulation Technology which is far more advanced than silicon computers.

Your brain is composed of billions of neurons that can simultaneously perceive, interpret, store, analyze, and distribute information.

Silicon computers are made up of different types of microchips, some used for processing information while others are for storing information.

The neurons in your brain do not separate the processing and storage of information, which makes them enormously efficient.

Energy Efficiency at its Finest

By combining information processing and information storage, the brain has significant advantages over a computer.

The same calculations that would take a few million steps with a computer, can be accomplished through a few hundred neuron transmissions. 

The amount of energy required by the world’s fastest supercomputer would be enough to power a skyscraper. 

The human brain can achieve the same processing speed from the energy required to power a light bulb.

Neurons require much less energy and are much more efficient. 

As far as energy efficiency goes, evolution made the right choice.

But, what if the choice for highly efficient information processing came with negative side effects?

No choice made through the course of evolution is all win and no loss. 

Choice indicates multiple options and nature tests out which strategy is the most efficient for short-term survival. 

Scientists believe the first brain appeared in the world as early as 521 million years ago.

Fast Forward to Today

The human species is alive and thriving, soon we will expand beyond planet earth to other planets.

Surviving today is a very different reality than it was 521 million years ago.

The average human lifespan has doubled in just the last 200 years. However, this is not enough to satisfy us.

We don’t just want our species to live forever, our goal is for each individual to live forever… and be indestructible.

Our standards for what is possible continues to rise.

Increasing our standards for life, means we need to address the way our brain processes information, and identify the corrupt code that is causing our body to decay.

What is a Neural Network?

The internal functionality of your brain is similar to the way our society is setup.  

Our society is filled with individual people working together to form businesses, organizations and governments that manage all the different aspects of information, resources and technology we require to survive. 

Your brain is filled with individual neurons working together to form neural networks that manage all of the operations required to keep your body functional and alive. 

Your unique experience of life is based on your brain's neural network formation.

We all experience a unique version of reality, based on our unique neural network structure. 

Every person is specialized because of our unique brain configuration. 

We all have certain tasks that we naturally excel at. 

We also struggle with certain tasks that come easy for others. 

Our uniqueness is derived from our neural network configuration. 

Everyone's life has two major parts.

You have a personal life and a professional life.

Your personal life enables you to enjoy life by doing whatever you like with your free time. 

Your professional life is the part you play to keep our society running, this is typically your career and/or having children.

Even though your personal and professional life are separate, they influence each other. 

If your personal life is a mess, it inhibits your ability to do your job. 

If your job is too stressful, it prevents you from enjoying your personal life. 

To have a happy and successful life, both your personal and professional lives need to be managed effectively. 

A neural network also has two parts to fulfill.


The first purpose of a neural network is to manage specific functionality that controls your body.


The second purpose of a neural network is to store information that you have collected, known as memory.

The health of the information stored within the neural network affects the functionality of the neural network. 

Unhealthy Information

If the information is unhealthy, the functionality of the neural network decreases.

Unhealthy information consumes energy, reducing the amount available for the neural network to provide its functionality.

As unhealthy information accumulates in the neural network, the functionality will continue to decrease.

By deleting unhealthy data stored in the neural network, lost functionality can be restored. 

Healthy Information

If the information is healthy, the functionality of the neural network will increase.

Healthy information provides additional energy available for the neural network to provide its functionality.

As the amount of healthy information in the neural network increases, advanced functionality can be unlocked.

This is the key to unlocking the full potential of the human brain. 

The health of the information stored in the neural network answers the question... "Why do we age?"

Over time, as you accumulate increasing amounts of unhealthy information, the neural network loses more and more of its functionality.

Since the accumulation of unhealthy information occurs in every neural network, as you age, your body’s health gradually declines in every system.

As we grow older, we store increasing amounts of unhealthy information, causing a slow but continual loss of functionality throughout every system that constitutes the health of our body and mind.

The health of the information stored within the neural network is vital for Immortality.

By removing unhealthy information and increasing healthy information, the brain will naturally begin to restore the health of our body and mind. 

Increasing healthy information within a neural network will boost our energy and unlock new brain functionality.  

Removing unhealthy information and increasing healthy information can both be accomplished by editing the information stored within your memory.

"All we need to do now is automate the memory editing process using Consciousness Software." ~ Core Love