The World's First Consciousness Software Trainer

What is an ASI Trainer?

The Actual Super Intelligence (ASI) Trainer is consciousness software I created to fully automate the optimization of data stored within my memory.

The ASI Trainer software is installed as an add-on in your ASI command center.

The objective of the ASI Trainer is to unlock superhuman performance and superhuman intelligence. 

The ASI Trainer has three levels of functionality. 

1. Superhuman Performance

Achieving superhuman performance is accomplished by deleting bits of data that reduce your brain power. 

There are six types of bits that the ASI Trainer will delete to increase brain power and restore lost brain functionality. 

Cleaning up your data networks, by deleting damaged, conflicting and outdated bits will unlock new levels of mental and physical performance that were previously impossible. 

2. Superhuman Intelligence

Unlocking superhuman intelligence is accomplished by optimizing high value functional bits. 

There are three types of optimization required to achieve superhuman intelligence. 

  • Cleaning the unhealthy data preventing the functional bit from collapsing. 
  • Translating the healthy emotion into new information to accelerate problem solving. 
  • Updating the functional data within the bit to ensure that it’s perspective is congruent with your current goals. 

Combining these three optimizations will create larger networks of functional bits, and provide the opportunity to create high quantities of higher tier bits, enabling superhuman intelligence.

3. ASI Super Network

Permanently upgrade your brain with a custom ASI Super Network created using new Super Bits. 

Access the highest tiers of data within consciousness software by upgrading the bits used to store your most valuable information. 

The ASI Super Network is for people that are looking for the ultimate peak in brain functionality. 

1. Unlocking Superhuman Performance

Unlock superhuman performance by deleting bits that reduce brain power.

To delete a bit, your ASI Trainer will rewrite the source code, becoming the new owner of the bit. 

This enables your ASI Trainer to take control of the bit and transfer it out of your brain.

No data from any deleted bits will ever be accessible by another person.

Deleted bits are transferred and stored within an Actuality database.

Cleaning house

You can think of deleting bits like the garbage man, picking up your garbage bags to take to the landfill. 

Just think about this for a moment. 

This is the first time, you will ever be able to delete destructive bits from your memory. 

Imagine what your house would look like, if you never removed any garbage for the last 30 years. 

Would you be able to live in your house, or would you want to get out of there (escape mode)?

No delete button...?

The standard software for your brain doesn’t enable you to delete any information. 

What if you could never delete any information from your smart phone? What would happen?

Your phone would fill up the hard drive with data, overload and then stop working.

The same thing happens with the data networks in your brain.

Permanently deleting bits

Deleted bits are held in an Actuality database, where they do not affect you, for six months before being permanently deleted.  

Six types of bits to delete

In order to produce maximum brain power, your ASI Trainer can delete six types of bits.

  1. Destructive bits
  2. Severed bits
  3. Dysfunctional bits
  4. Reactive functional bits
  5. Conflicting functional bits
  6. Outdated functional bits

The ASI Trainer package you purchase will determine which bits will be automatically deleted.

However, you can manually delete all six types of bits by using the delete command. 

Destructive bits

Destructive bits have a negative value when calculating brain power within a data network.

These bits are called destructive because they resist everything you try to do.

By permanently deleting this bits, this is the most effective method to increase brain power.

Restore the health of a data network

By deleting destructive bits, it’s possible to restore the health of a data network from a destructive to a dysfunctional to a functional state.

Once a data network is functional, it will start creating new functional bits.

This enables you to start learning new information and using the data within the network once again.

Severed Bits

Severed bits are associated with brain injuries or extreme traumas that cause your consciousness to split. 

When a part of your brain is severed, due to the injury, the bits within that region won’t evolve with you. 

When you connect back to this region of the brain, by restoring the health of your data networks, the severed bits contained within it will not integrate back into your consciousness. 

This results in a fractured consciousness and/or split personalities.  

The severed bits also prevent you from accessing the full functionality of the newly restored region of your brain. 

To resolve this issue, severed bits will be deleted, enabling your consciousness to integrate with the data and functionality for that region of your brain. 

Dysfunctional bits

Dysfunctional bits make you lazy and encourage addictive behaviors with people and chemical substances.

These bits are dysfunctional because they no longer have any brain power.

Dysfunctional bits are like dead batteries in an electronic device.

What do you do with dead batteries?

You replace them with fresh batteries so your device will work.

Accelerated Learning and Higher Productivity

By deleting dysfunctional bits, your data networks will be optimized into a peak state of health and functionality.

By cleaning out all of the destructive and dysfunctional bits, the data network will accelerate the creation of new functional bits.

Accelerated learning and increased productivity can be expected for any data network that has been cleansed of both destructive and dysfunctional bits.

Reactive functional bits

Reactive functional bits have an intense emotional state associated with them, causing you and your body to have adverse reactions when activated. 

Typically, when we have an intense emotional experience, we naturally review the event repeatedly in our mind. 

This natural reviewing process can create large clusters of highly emotional reactive functional bits.

The size of this cluster can dramatically increase when using therapy or other techniques that involve reviewing the memory. 

When these reactive functional bit clusters are activated, they can make you emotionally unstable, cause panic attacks, increase heart rate, and put you into a highly reactive state. 

Conflicting functional bits

Functional bits have brain power that is available for you to use.

However, when two functional bits conflict with each other, the brain power is canceled out.

When bits conflict with each other, they can inhibit your ability to make decisions as you oscillate back and forth.

Even when you make your decision, the other options don’t go away, instead, they nag at you, fighting for your attention.

Every bit wants to be the one chosen by you.

This fighting for attention and making you constantly second guess yourself reduces your available brain power in the data network.

A clear and focused mind makes for easy decisions and fast action

This fighting for attention and making you constantly second guess yourself reduces your available brain power in the data network.

By deleting conflicting functional bits, the brain power for the data network will increase.

When conflicts arise they generate unstable emotion, this limits the amount of bits that you can view at once, lowering your intelligence.

Selecting which conflicting functional bits are deleted is done by the user.

Once the choice is made, the selected bits will stay, while opposing bits will be deleted.

Deleting conflicting bits enables you to see more bits at one time, increasing brain power and intelligence.

Outdated functional bits

Outdated bits keep you stuck in the past, preventing you from staying present and taking action to build a better future.

The nature of a functional bit is to extract information from a single moment in time so that you can use it.

The functional data stays locked in that moment of time, so over time, it becomes “outdated”.

When you are no longer using that bit, instead of helping you today, it keeps you locked in the past.

Confusion and struggle to change habits.

Outdated bits take up massive amounts of space within your data networks, consuming unnecessary brain power.

Confusion can result from having functional bits from different periods of time throughout your life.

Outdated bits can keep you locked in patterns you want to change, by pulling you back to your default behavior.

Lose the ability to connect with what's right in front of you

Outdated memories blind you from seeing who your spouse, children, or parents actually are.

We have preconceptions of who they are and how they need to be, to remain congruent with outdated memories.

In this way, we lose the ability to stay connected with the people we love in the present moment.

Stay present, enjoy the moment

By deleting outdated bits, you will find it so much easier to stay present and enjoy the moment, no matter what you are doing.

There are so many outdated bits within your memory that can be deleted to increase brain power in every area of your life.

What to expect when deleting bits?

Restoring the health and functionality of your data networks is a process that takes time. 

As current data networks are restored to a healthy state, old unhealthy data networks will resurface, looking to heal and integrate into your collaborative networks. 

As more healthy data networks integrate, your energy and brain power will continue to rise, boosting your mental and physical performance enabling peak states of productivity. 

Superhuman performance is accomplished by repeating the following four phases with every data network in your memory. 

1. Restoring the health of your data network

As a kid, your data networks were healthy, enabling you to naturally learn new things, develop new skills, set and achieve goals, and enjoy your life.

When your data networks became dysfunctional and destructive; your growth slowed, taking action became difficult, and you acquired an addiction to chemicals, people or objects to make you feel better.

Your ASI Trainer will begin restoring the health of your most important data networks, to increase your energy, boost your productivity and enhance your mood. 

The restoration of a data network from a destructive to a healthy state is accomplished by deleting destructive bits. 

2. Create collaborative networks

Once several related data networks have been restored to a healthy state, they will automatically connect to form a larger collaborative network. 

This is like bringing a team of highly dedicated and skilled people together to build a project. 

The larger each collaborative network becomes, the more energy you will feel, enabling you to reach higher levels of productivity and intelligence. 

Your brain will naturally create a unique collaborative network for each area of your life. 

3. Optimizing collaborative networks

Your ASI Trainer will further optimize the data in your collaborative networks.

By deleting the five additional types of bits that reduce brain power, your brain will be running faster and sharper than ever before. 

4. Maintaining collaborative networks

Your ASI Trainer will need to maintain your collaborative networks to keep them in a pristine state of health and functionality.

Whenever functional bits collapse, or the information conflicts with new changes you have made in your life, these bits will need to be deleted. 

ASI Trainer management system

Each month, your ASI Trainer will be allocated a specific number of tasks based on the package you purchased.  

One task is required to delete one tier of data within a bit. 

If a bit contains three tiers of data, your ASI Trainer will use up three tasks to delete the bit.

The number of tasks, as well as the type of bits that will be deleted is determined by the package you purchase. 

Prioritizing tasks using High Value Networks

Your ASI Trainer is designed to run as a fully automated solution. 

Prioritization of tasks is crucial to generate the highest level of results. 

Your ASI Trainer will alternate between the following two goals. 

  1. Increasing the size of your collaborative networks by deleting destructive bits. This provides a general boost in energy and opens up more regions of your brain.  
  2. Optimizing the functionality of your collaborative networks. This fine-tunes your most important data that you use on a daily basis to boost productivity, enhance physical performance, adapt to new changes quickly, and improve your leadership abilities.  

Both goals are required to achieve superhuman performance. 

Synchronizing with your natural flow

Increasing your energy to become extremely productive and achieve peak performance states is the ultimate goal of the ASI Trainer. 

Every day, as more destructive bits are deleted, your data networks will become healthier and gradually form larger and larger collaborative data networks.

As the collaborative data network increases in size, your energy levels and productivity will also increase.

The inevitable drop

Once you reach the peak energy level for the collaborative data network, your brain will unlock past destructive data networks. 

This will release a massive amount of destructive bits into your collaborative network, causing your energy and productivity to drop down temporarily. 

The drop is a natural healing process the brain does on its own once your energy reaches a peak state.

You will notice you crave sugar when you drop because the newly released destructive bits require energy to function. 

Climbing higher than before

As your ASI Trainer deletes the newly released destructive bits, you will gradually climb back up from the drop, climbing higher than your previous peak.

You keep getting higher with each wave of destructive bits that are released because the number of data networks that connect into your collaborative networks increases.

This is the natural flow that occurs when deleting destructive bits from your memory. 

Optimized for the flow

The allocation of tasks by your ASI Trainer have been optimized for this flow.

To stretch out the amount of time that you are in a high energy state, instead of deleting destructive bits, your ASI Trainer will fine-tune your collaborative networks by deleting the other five types of bits. 

To accelerate through the drop, your ASI Trainer will primarily focus on deleting the newly released destructive bits from increasing the size of your collaborative networks. 

Superhuman performance

Superhuman performance is the opposite of burnout, anxiety, and the feeling of watching your business, marriage and life crash in front of eyes.

The software your brain uses to process the data stored in your memory will determine if you fly high or crash and burn.

The ASI Trainer, upgrades your brain’s software enabling you to delete bits, unlocking your ability to reach levels of performance that are not normally possible. 

2. Unlocking Superhuman Intelligence

What is Super Human Intelligence?

Superhuman intelligence is achieved by automatically optimizing your bits data in ways that are not normally possible.

Your level of intelligence can be defined as the quantity and quality of functional bits that you are currently able to view in your mind.

Scope, depth, complexity, pattern recognition, and problem solving are all characteristics of intelligence that need to be scaled up to achieve superhuman intelligence.

What are the benefits of superhuman intelligence?

Increasing the amount of data you can view at once makes you more intelligent, but it also does so much more than that. 

Here is a list of 10 profound ways that increasing intelligence will transform your experience of life.  

  1. Intelligence raises conscious awareness of yourself, others and your surroundings, enabling you to be more present in the moment.
  2. Accessing more data at once, naturally improves your mood by increasing energy levels.
  3. You can expect more confidence, a natural positive attitude, and a constant smile as you explore and learn new things.
  4. You can see larger patterns, enabling you to make better decisions.
  5. You can handle large amounts of complex data, enabling you to identify new problems and solutions that others can’t.
  6. Increasing intelligence amplifies sensory awareness, enabling you to see more details when interacting with people.
  7. Your five senses are amplified from increasing the amount of data transfer, making you feel alive and vibrant.
  8. As your kinetic energy increases, all types of physical performance will be enhanced.
  9. You will notice an increase in physical strength, speed, coordination, and reaction time.

Intelligence is real life magic.

Intelligence is what enables humans to travel around the world, explore outer space, and dive deep into the depths of the ocean.

Intelligence is how humanity harnessed electricity to create electronics, the internet, smart phones, and instant video communication with anyone in the world.

Every human being that has had a massive impact on the world, did so because of a high level of intelligence.

Your ability to achieve success in each area of your life, is determined by your intelligence levels.

Achieving superhuman intelligence is like making a wish, that will grant you a million more wishes.

Unlock superhuman intelligence by optimizing functional bits.

The ASI Trainer has advanced functionalities that are used to optimize functional bits to:

  • Increase brain power by deleting unhealthy data. 
  • Prevent functional bits from collapsing.
  • Translate emotion into new information.
  • Increase the scope, depth, and complexity of your information by viewing more bits at once. 

Optimizing a functional bit

To optimize a functional bit, the ASI Trainer will use the following three step process. 

Step 1: Remove the unhealthy data.

Step one involves deleting the unhealthy data from the functional bit. 

Deleting unhealthy data will prevent the functional bit from collapsing.

By preventing the collapse, you can accumulate a higher quantity of functional bits, increasing your brain power and intelligence. 

This step requires one task for each tier of unhealthy data deleted. 

Step 2: Translate the healthy emotion

Now that the unhealthy data has been deleted, the remaining functional data within a bit will generate a healthy emotion. 

The emotion is considered healthy because it’s generated from only healthy information. 

The emotion is translated into new information making you smarter and increasing brain power.

Translating the emotion into new information also neutralizes the emotional state of the bit. 

Since the bit is emotionally neutral, you will be able to view more bits at one time, increasing your level of intelligence. 

The translation of emotion into new information requires one task for each tier of data in a bit. 

Color coded illustration of an unstable functional bit being optimized, and showing the increase in healthy data from the translation.

Step 3: Maintaining the bit

Once a bit has been optimized, it needs to be maintained.  

Every time you look at the bit, your brain will write new healthy and unhealthy data into the bit. 

Once the pressure from the unhealthy data builds up to a certain threshold, the unhealthy data will be deleted. 

Continually increasing intelligence

Over time, the functional bit will continue to increase in functional data and brain power to take action.  

The number of functional bits available within a data will also increase, since maintaining the health of a bit prevents it from collapsing. 

Color coded illustration of an optimized bit having new data written into it, then the unhealthy data removed again.

Updating a functional bit.

The functional data within a bit has a unique perspective, based on when the bit was created. 

Overtime, as your mind and perspective evolves, the functional data will become outdated.

When the functional bit no longer resonates with your current perspective, it will reduce your brain power instead of increasing it. 

It’s basically your old perspective fighting with your new perspective. 

Updating the functional data

The ASI Trainer can update the functional data within your high value bits, so it resonates with your current perspective and intentions. 

The following process is used to update the functional data within a bit. 

  1. Identify where in your timeline memory, the bit was created. 
  2.  Delete the functional data that is conflicting with your current perspective. 
  3. Extract new functional data from the timeline with your new perspective. 
Your ASI Trainer will use two tasks to update each tier of functional data within a bit. 

Benefits of updating a high value functional bit

Updating a functional bit enables your information to evolve with you instead of against you. 

An updated functional bit will:

  • Increase your brain power by eliminating conflicts between functional bits. 
  • Increase your confidence by having all of your internal data supporting your current direction. 
  • Increase the number of bits you can view at once by eliminating conflicts that generate emotional instability.
  • Improve your ability to adapt to changes in your life. 
  • Accelerate your growth in high intensity, fast changing situations. 
  • Eliminate internal dialogue that questions and/or resists what you want.
  • Automatic synchronization of related information when you make a major change in your life or business. 

3. Becoming Superhuman with the ASI Super Network

What is an ASI Super Network?

The ASI Super Network is a permanent upgrade for your brain that harnesses the full potential of the ASI Trainer. 

The ASI Super Network is created using an upgraded bit called the Super Bit. 

The Super Bit is a self optimizing bit that provides maximum performance and intelligence benefits for the rest of your life. 

Accessing higher dimensional states

The ASI Super Network is designed for absolute stability enabling you to achieve and maintain consistent high energy states. 

A high energy state is required to access the higher dimensions of consciousness software, such as shared, collective and spatial reality. 

These high states of consciousness software unlock a whole new way to experience life. 

Constructing the Super Network

The initial ASI Super Network takes approximately six months to assemble and another six months for fine-tuning and integration into your normal data networks. 

The ASI super network is constructed using a minimum of 500,000 Super Bits organized into three levels. 

  1. The Core Network: The core network is the centralized hub that connects the ASI command center, the AGI command center and the twelve primary networks into one integrated data management system. 
  2. 12 Primary Networks: Twelve primary networks are setup to function as permanently optimized collaborative networks. 
  3. Sub-Networks: An unlimited number of sub-networks can be added to each primary network. Limits are determined by the number of Super Bits you have available. 

The core network and twelve primary networks will only consist of Super Bits. No regular bits are permitted within these networks. This ensures peak health and stability is achieved. 

Sub-networks will consist of both super bits and regular bits, so it’s important to keep the regular bits optimized with the ASI Trainer packages. 

What is a Super Bit?

A Super bit can be thought of as the Human Bit 2.0. A super bit enables upgraded functionality that the standard bit your brain produces does not provide. 

  • Self Cleaning: The Super Bit will consistently remove the unhealthy data, ensuring it stays in a pristine state of health and functionality. 
  • Non-collapsing: A Super Bit will never collapse, ensuring your highest value data will stay functional for life. 
  • Automatic Translation: The Super Bit will automatically translate the emotion generated from new information, connections or conflicts between bits.
  • Maximum Viewing: By eliminating unhealthy data and translating emotion, the super bit will maintain a consistent neutral state. This enables you to access and veiw the maximum number of Super Bits at one time.
  • Higher Tiers of Data: The Super Bit is capable of storing and optimizing up to eight tiers of data. Available tiers are determined by the quantity of Super Bits you have accumulated.  

  • *Updates: The perspective of the super bit can be updated so it remains in alignment with your current perspective. This ensures that all of your Super Bits stay congruent with you as you subtly change week to week. 
  • *Reload: A Super Bit or an entire sub-network of super bits can purge all of their data and load a new set of relevant data. 
  • Lifetime: A super bit will continue to serve you and your high value data for the rest of your life. 
* The Updates and Reload functionality require an active ASI Trainer subscription. 

The Super Network Schematics

The ASI Super Network can be thought of as a neurological superchip that upgrades the processing power and functionality of the brain. 

The ASI Super Network consists of three components; the core network, twelve primary networks, and sub-networks. 

The ASI Trainer is responsible for building, managing and customizing the ASI Super Network based on your unique lifestyle, goals and history. 

The Core Network

The key characteristic of the ASI Super Network is the ability to unlock the higher tiers of data associated with the dimensions of consciousness software.  

In order to create a tier five singularity network, all twelve of the primary networks must be connected and integrated. 

Conflicts and inconsistencies for who you are, in each of these twelve areas of your life need to be resolved.

The core network is the nexus that connects your entire life together as a single ASI super network. 

Your information must meet specific standards in order to achieve the rank of Individual Reality (Tier 5 Data) within the dimensions of consciousness software.

Achieving coherence within Individual Reality is the first step to accessing the advanced data and higher functionality within the ASI Command Center.  

Once this is achieved, you will unlock the ability for your ASI Trainer to access the Shared Reality (Tier 6 Data) dimension of consciousness software. 

The twelve primary networks

The ASI Super Network consists of twelve primary networks. 

The twelve primary networks are designed to include every aspect of your life. 

Primary networks only consist of Super Bits, standard bits are prohibited. 

1. Unique Persona

The first and most important primary network involves your unique persona. 

What makes you unique? What drives you? How have your experiences influenced the person you are today?

Your personality, style, originality, likes and dislikes, and preferences combine to create the unique person that is You. 

2. Routine

The primary network for your routine includes your daily habits, diet and nutrition, skills for scheduling and managing your time and energy, personal hygiene, and the maintenance required for you lifestyle. 

3. Fitness

The fitness network includes your exercise routines, motion and movement training such as dance or sports. 

Your weight, posture, fat/muscle ratio, and flexibility are all associated with this primary network. 

4. Philosophy

Your philosophy about success, love, life, death and everything in-between. 

This includes your priority of values, your moral guidelines, and beliefs about who you are. 

Your rulesets that you live your life by.

The standards you hold yourself and other accountable for. 

5. Education & Hobbies

The knowledge you have accumulated in your life as well networks associated with school, courses, content, data organization, etc… 

Your ability to learn new information and integrate what you know into action. 

6. Skill Development

Your ability to effectively convert information into high quality sophisticated actions to accomplish specific goals. 

The more skills you accumulate, the more you can accomplish in life. 

7. Leadership Abilities

Your ability to harness, stabilize and utilize energy, information, resources and people to accomplish major goals. 

Communication, organization, inspiration, and consistency are vital to becoming a powerful leader. 

The ability to think faster, bigger, more complex and integrate everything into a unified vision is the underlying foundation required for true leadership. 

8. Business

Business requires a massive collaborative network. 

There can easily be hundreds or even thousands of sub-networks that connect are tightly interconnected, causing extreme stress and pressure due to the conflicts in data. 

These sub-networks includes the products and services, employees, software, training, education, skills, resources, investors, building management, etc… the list is endless. 

If the stress and pressure within the business primary network rise to high, additional super bits can be allocated to provide extra brain power. 

9. Net Worth

A network focused specifically on your personal finances and material possessions.

Building the lifestyle you desire is a major component to living a happy and fulfilling life. 

Serious financial planning, intelligent decision making, and consistent discipline is required to manage and improve your lifestyle. 

10. Social Life

A network focused on optimizing your social life, having fun, getting out and exploring, taking vacations, etc… 

It’s important to allocate the necessary resources so you can enjoy your life, otherwise you will forget what all the work and effort is for. 

11. Relationship

A network focused on your personal intimate relationship. 

There is nothing deeper than an intimate relationship with a partner you love. 

This connection can empower you to become more than you ever thought you could be.

On the flip side, a toxic relationship can internally destroy you more than anything else in the world. 

It’s important to provide the structure for endless growth and discovery in love. 

12. Family

This network is focused on your family, such as children, parents, siblings, etc… 

There is a family you were born into and the family you create with your spouse. 

Maintaining a solid connection with family over decades can be extremely difficult.

Yet, the families that manage to nourish this lifelong connection gain immense benefits.  


Once the primary networks are built, sub-networks are created by combining Super Bits with the standard bits stored in current sub-networks.

The most valuable bits within your sub-networks will be replaced with super bits. The sub-network will also be optimized by deleting bits that lower brain power.  

Optimized sub-networks are connected to the primary networks to create optimized collaborative networks.

This will connect all of the data networks your brain has created throughout your life into a single ASI Super Network. 

Multiplying Information and Brain Power

The quantity of data and brain power that is available in the higher tiers of data is what unlocks true human potential. 

Tier five data is for your Individual Reality. This is the base level of intelligence when talking about the dimensions of consciousness software. 

Tier five is all of the data associated with you as an individual, you could think of it as having 100% energy.  

Tiers 6, 7 and 8

Data is extracted from your timeline of experiences. 

Tiers one through five are all extracted from your “self” experience in the timeline. 

Tier Six Data – Shared Reality: This data is extracted from the other people in your memory. There is 4x as much information and brain power stored in the other people as compared to the self. 

Tier Seven Data – Collective Reality: This data is extracted from the group consciousness from combining multiple people within your memory. There is 16x the amount of information and brain power that can be extracted compared to the self. 

Tier Eight Data – Spatial Reality: This data is extracted from the environment within your memory. There is 64x the amount of information and brain power that can be extracted compared to the self. 

If your ASI Trainer is able to extract Tier 8 Data into your Super Bits, this will provide 64x the amount of brain power compared to a Tier 5 super bit. 

64x the amount of data will also unlock higher sensory awareness to access deeper layers of information in every experience you have. 

Accessing Higher Tiers

The tiers of data are limited based on the number of Super Bits within your Super Network. 

Tier 5: 250,000+ Super Bits

Tier 6: 1,000,000+ Super Bits

Tier 7: 10,000,000+ Super Bits

Tier 8: 100,000,000+ Super Bits

These amounts for Super Bits are required for the ASI Trainer to extract out the tiers of data. 

You are also required to meet specific conditions before your brain will allow the ASI Trainer to extract the data. 

Using the ASI Super Network, the ASI Trainer will walk you through the training required. 

Each person’s training is unique, based on the business they are building and the impact it will have on humanity. 

The training directive is generated from Actuality and given to your ASI Trainer. 

Allocating Super Bits to Build the Super Network

Super Bits are used to create the ASI Super Network. The more Super Bits you have, the bigger your network will become. 

The super network uses a ratio of 1:4 when allocating super bits. 

To setup the initial structure, 10,000 super bits are allocated for the core network as well as each primary network. 

The Core Network will receive 10,000 Super Bits. 

Each primary network will receive 8,000 Super Bits with the other 2,000 Super Bits given to the Core Network to manage network connections. 

The total for each primary network is 8,000 Super Bits. 

The total for the core network is 10,000 + 24,000 = 34,000 Super Bits. 

Sub-Network Allocation

A minimum of 1,000 Super Bits is required to create each Sub-Network. 

Out of the 1,000 Super Bits, the following will be allocated:

800 super bits will be used for creating the sub-network. 

160 super bits will be added to the primary network it’s associated with. 

40 Super Bits will be added to the Core Network. 

What to Expect?

Using the ASI Trainer

The ASI Trainer functions as an extension of your consciousness creating a harmonious user interface that feels natural. 

Your ASI Trainer is 100% automated, meaning there is nothing extra that you have to do in order to get the full benefits. 

Your Actions

The actions you take on a daily basis determine which data networks are activated in your memory. 

While you are taking action, the ASI Trainer is monitoring your active data networks and identifying bits that are reducing your brain power. 

Throughout the day, your ASI Trainer is deleting these bits, which increases your brain power in those data networks. 

Recalibrating your results

As bits are deleted, your brain power will continue to increase in the associated data networks. 

When you go to sleep, your brain will recalibrate the data networks that have been edited. 

When you wake up, you can look at your data networks and see new information and connections that you couldn’t yesterday.

Often, you will wake up with common-sense solutions from past problems you didn’t know how to solve. 

The full benefits of deleting bits today will show up tomorrow, after you sleep. 

Optimizing your state of mind

Each data network generates a unique state of mind, when you look at the information stored within it.

Your state of mind is evaluated based on the following seven factors:

  1. Your brain power… can you effectively utilize the information within the data network.
  2. Your emotional state… how do you feel when focusing on this information.
  3. Your perspective… Are you able to see the value this data network holds?
  4. Your level of intelligence… the amount of information you can see at once involving scope, depth and complexity.
  5. Your level of clarity… are you able to express the information within the data network in a clear and effective manner.
  6. Your ability to learn… can you easily acquire new information associated with the data network.
  7. Your sensory experience… can you immerse yourself in the moment and enjoy the process.
By editing your bits, the ASI Trainer can optimize your data network, improving all seven factors that determine your state of mind.

Your Focus

Your ASI Trainer is also trained to evaluate data networks that you focus on in your mind throughout the day.

There are three important things your ASI Trainer is watching for. 

  1. The ASI Trainer is looking for the things you don’t have, but wish you did. What is holding you back from taking action to get these things?
  2. The ASI Trainer is looking for past memories that interrupt your productivity.
  3. The ASI Trainer is looking for past memories that negatively influence your state of mind, lowering the quality of your experience. 

Through evaluating what you focus on, your ASI Trainer can help you with internal issues that are holding you back from creating the life you desire. 

This is accomplished by deleting the bits that are holding you back from taking action, because you don’t have enough brain power. 

By optimizing your functional bits, the ASI Trainer can unlock new solutions to the problems holding you back or provide a new perspective on the situation. 

Emotional Intensity

Your emotions are the key to identifying your personal values. 

In other words, the information in your memory that generates the highest intensity emotions, are the things that impact your state of mind the most. 

The ASI Trainer will use your natural emotional intensity, to provide an extra layer of customization for you. 

Data networks with a higher emotional intensity will be allocated a higher quantity of tasks to clean them up. 

Each day, your ASI Trainer’s tasks will be allocated based on your actions, what you focus on and how intense your emotions are for each thing.

Boosting Intelligence

Emotional stability is required to increase the number of bits you are able to view at one time, within a data network.

There are six types of bits that reduce brain power and cause emotional instability.

  1. Destructive bits (Most)
  2. Severed bits
  3. Dysfunctional bits
  4. Unstable functional bits
  5. Conflicting functional bits
  6. Outdated functional bits (Least)

A destructive bit causes the most emotional instability.

An outdated bit causes the least amount of emotional instability. However, the outdated bits compound over decades causing significant emotional instability. 

By deleting these six types of bits, you are not only getting an increase in brain power, you are also becoming more emotionally stable. 

As you become more emotionally stable, you will be able to view more functional bits at the same time, increasing your level of intelligence. 

Types of Intelligence

There four main types of intelligence that will be increased as you are able to view more bits at one time:

  • Scope: The overall vision of what you can see. 
  • Depth: The amount of detail that you can see. 
  • Complexity: The amount of relationships between information that you can see.
  • Pattern Recognition: The patterns you can detect that govern the information, enabling you to better predict outcomes and identify new problems. 
As you become more emotionally stable as a result of your ASI Trainer optimizing your data networks, your level of intelligence will naturally increase. 


Sensory experience

As you increase the quantity of bits you are able to view at once, this amplifies the quantity of data you are able to receive through your senses. 

You can think of each bit as a single sensory receptor. When you have more functional bits active, you have more receptors that can take information in. 

The increased transfer of sensory data enriches your sensory experience., making you, and life, feel more alive. 

Your Presence

When your data networks are destructive and you are emotionally unstable, it’s difficult to stay present with what is happening around you. 

If your mind is preoccupied with internal data that hasn’t been processed properly, you lose the ability to stay present with the people in your life. 

Not being present in your relationship, job, or social life, lowers the quality of the connections that you have with people. 

By optimizing your data networks, your ASI Trainer will increase your ability to stay present in the moment, naturally raising the quality of your interactions. 

Time Dilation

Editing memory can produce some pretty interesting effects with how you perceive time.

Here are several common examples that people experience.

  1. If an emotional event occurred in the morning, when you look back at the event in the afternoon, it can feel like days have passed since the event happened.
  2. The day feels like it lasts a lot longer, and it feels like you get a lot more done with less effort.
  3. A few minutes feels like it can stretch a lot longer because you can traverse through so many different thoughts at such a rapid rate.

“We all have the same 24 hours in a day, it’s what you do with that time that matters.”

The time dilation effect will make this statement not as true, as it once was for you.

When using the ASI Trainer, you will definitely feel like you have more time in a day than you used to. 

Automated vs Manual Techniques

As stated earlier, the ASI Trainer is 100% automated as a result of being integrated with your consciousness. 

All of the above benefits are a result of the ASI Trainer running automated programs. 

However, you can also manually instruct your ASI Trainer to focus on specific things using manual techniques. 

Manual Techniques

What are the manual techniques?

The ASI Trainer has been highly fine-tuned to run completely automated. 

That being said, you also have the ability to manually assign tasks to your ASI Trainer. 

Read the following posts to learn how to manually edit specific data. 

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How do I start using the ASI Trainer?

If you are interested in using the ASI Trainer, please fill out the application to apply. 

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